ICUP Marvel – Iron Man Be The Hero Character Adult Size 100% Cotton Adjustable Black Apron

September 25, 2019 - Comment

Dress like Marvel’s Iron Man with this black, 100% cotton costume apron. Channel your inner superhero with this great high quality apron! Product Features ICUP Marvel’s Iron Man Be The Hero Apron One Size Related posts: Marvel Heroes Avengers Backpack with Lanyard Badge and Keychain Charm 3DLightFX Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hand 3D Deco Light


Anonymous says:

Good product for Super-Hero fans. This apron was a very well received gift to a friend whom is a big fan of Marvel super-heros. He wore it with pride, and it did protect his clothes while cooking.

Anonymous says:

Aprons, though found wanting. The aprons are what they seem to be — aprons. Beyond that, there is a bit to be desired. They are quite thin, and have no way to adjust the neck. This makes them hang awkwardly low on thinner-necked people. Other than those issues, however, they catch food and have super-heroes torsos on them. In short, they get the job done, though not in style.

Anonymous says:

It isn’t super high quality material Birthday gift for my husband and he loves it. It isn’t super high quality material, but I don’t think you can expect that for how low the price is. He wears it while he grills and gets a kick out of it.

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