Lower Back Strength – Flexibility & Pain Relief Workout

October 2, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Nice! Not really a flow Nice! Not really a flow, as I think it is described somewhere. The instructor takes you through several sets of repetition-type exercises. Many of these moves are similar to what was recommended to me by a PT for lower-back pain. Focus is on strengthening glutes and abs as well as some stretches. Sanela is one of my favorite yoga teachers in the Psyche Truth bunch.

Anonymous says:

This is a great workout for back pain This is a great workout for back pain. I have arthritis in my back and tight muscles increase my pain and lack of mobility. This is an effective, short and gentle workout that slowly relaxes your back muscles and it relieved a lot of my pain and tension. Sanela is a great instructor.

Anonymous says:

so good! perfect instruction and sequence! love it!!

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